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31-2 New Year's Raft Up (2015-2016)
Glorietta Bay

5 General Meeting - 6:30 pm

9 Tune Up Race

19 Executive Meeting - 6:30 pm


2 General Meeting/ One Pot Potluck - 6:30 pm

16 Executive Meeting - 6:30 pm

20 VYC Race Day #1

27-28 Whale Watch -Raft up La Playa, Potluck


1 General Meeting - 6:30 pm

5 VYC Race Day #2

12 Trailer Clinic RMS Laser El Cajon

22 Executive Meeting - 6:30 pm


5 General Meeting - 6:30 pm

9-10 All Hands and Spring Raft-up at Pier 32 Launch from Chula Vista

16 VYC Race Day #3

19 Executive Meeting - 6:30 pm


3 General Meeting- 6:30 pm

7-8 Poker Run & Raft-up (CV to La Playa)

14 VYC Race Day #4

24 Executive Meeting- 6:30 pm 

27-30 Memorial Day Raft-up Glorietta Bay
(Pirate Potluck) 


4 VYC Race Day #5 & Raft-up Glorietta Bay

7 General Meeting/ Summer Potluck- 6:30 pm

20-25 Catalina Cruise to Two Harbors and Avalon Adventure Tour

21 Executive Meeting (in Catalina) - 6:30 pm


2-5 Independence Day Raft-up @ Glorietta Bay

9 Bill Ellis Memorial Race. & Raft-up La Playa

12 General Meeting - 6:30 pm

16-17 Local Raft-up Glorietta Bay

17-22 Sacramento Delta Adventure Tour

26 Executive Meeting - 6:30 pm


2 General Meeting - 6:30 pm

6-7 Shrimp Boil (Aug 6) & Raft-up
@ Mariners Cove

13 VYC Race Day #6

20-27 Flaming Gorge Adventure Tour

20-21 Local Raft-up Glorietta Bay

30 Executive Meeting - 6:30 pm


3-5 Labor Day Raft-up @ Glorietta Bay

6 General Meeting Nominations 2017
Officers - 6:30 pm

10 VYC Race Day #7

20 Executive Meeting - 6:30 pm


4 General Meeting Elections for 2017 Officers
Fall Potluck - 6:30 pm

8-9 Fall Raft-up at Coronado Cays

18 Executive Meeting- 6:30 pm

29 VYC Race Day #8 

1 General Meeting - 6:30 pm

12 Commodore's Ball

22 Executive Meeting - 6:30 pm


11 Chili Cook-Off / Calendar Meeting / Parade of Lights - 12:00 pm

31-2 New Year's Eve Raft-up
@ La Playa (2016-2017)

VYC General Meeting Agenda 2016

Jan 5. Movie night. Come and watch the mystery movie TBA... We will have dinner at 6:30. During the movie we will serve popcorn.

Feb 2. Potluck. One pot meal you would cook on the boat. Tips and Tricks. What one needs to know for a raft up, race, general sailing information.

Mar 1. A representative from San Diego Trailer will give a talk on the care and maintenance of a boat trailer.

Apr 5. Tonight we will talk about the three long distance trips planned for the year. Catalina, Delta, Flaming Gorge.

May 3. Auction. Clean out all that old stuff. Proceeds help out the club.

Jun 7. A talk on first aid that would be appropriate for sailboats. Given by San Diego Lifeguards.

Jul 12. San Diego Harbor Pilot. What do they do? What is it like to handle those big ships? As sailors what can we do to make their life easier. (Note Change from First Tuesday of the month being too close to Independence Holiday)

Aug 2. How to read the weather and predict the wind. Guest speaker would be a local meteorologist. Perhaps Shawn Styles.

Sep 6. Tuning your rig. Getting the stays, shroud and mast set correctly. Talk by Evan from Downwind Marine.

Oct 4. Potluck and third annual music jamboree.

Nov 1. A representative from Sea World to talk about the local sea life.

Adventure Tours New for 2016

Adventure tours are the Venture Yacht Club's tours outside of the San Diego area. These are usually for a week long period and require more planning.

June 20-25 Catalina- There are three ways in which to participate. Trailer sailors will be leaving from San Pedro to start the week going to Two Harbors then traveling over to Avalon on Thursday (June 23). Our club also has some larger non trailerable sailboats that will be journeying from San Diego to Catalina.The third option will be members that will travel on the ferry system to Catalina. There are numerous accommodations available on Catalina. We always find a way to get the people that travel over by ferry to get to go sailing on other members' boats. Fri night will be the second annual flying fish tour. (hope the fish cooperate better). Sat (June 25) we get together mid day for our annual miniature golf tournament followed by a dinner at one of the Avalon restaurants followed by a movie at the casino theater.

July 17-22 Sacramento Delta

This will be a camping and marina trip. Starting on the morning of Sunday the 17th we will be leaving the Pittsburg Marina and start our exploration of the San Joaquin River in the Sacramento River Delta area. About half the evenings will be spent at marinas, the other half will be spent at anchor.

We will pass under drawbridges, through sloughs, and be on rivers. There will be plenty of time to explore the waterways and the town of Walnut Creek. There is usually brisk sailing going up river and motoring down river. We will get back to Pittsburg Marina on Friday night so you can pack up and get on the road Saturday morning and head home. Pittsburg, CA, is about nine hours driving time from the 8 and 805 intersection.

August 20-27 Flaming Gorge Utah- Wyoming

This will be a boat camping trip. Flaming Gorge reservoir is at an altitude on 6,040 feet and has an average temp in Aug of 83 deg. The reservoir stores 3,788,900 acre feet of water. Boat US calls it a hidden boating jewel. If you have enjoyed boat camping on Lake Powell you will enjoy this new adventure.

Future Adventure Tours


July 22-Aug 2, 2019 San Juan Islands

In 2014 the Venture Yacht Club toured the San Juan Islands both in the US and Canada. We are going back in 2019. This will require planning ahead and budgeting ahead. The San Juan Islands are one of the most beautiful places to go sailing in the world. Mark your calendars now to join us on this epic adventure tour.


Located in San Diego Bay (Glorietta Bay & La Playa) and Mission Bay (Mariners Cove)
The raft-ups in San Diego Bay require a reservation made in advance with the San Diego Port Authority

Reservations go fast so book the raft-ups you want to attend early. They allow you to book up to a year in advance.


Jan 31-2 New Years Eve (2015-2016)- Carroll's & Scarpati's
Feb 27-28 Whale Watch- Carroll's & Scarpati's Mar 12 Trailer Clinic- RMS Laser, Food Nelsons May 7-8 Poker Run- Carroll's

Jun 20-25 Catalina- Belden's group from San Pedro

Jul 2-5 Independence Day- Carroll's,Scarpati's & Caldwell's
Jul 17-22 Sacramento Delta-Adam's

Jul 16-17 Local Raft-up Glorietta Bay- Asturias's Aug 6-7 Shrimp Boil Raft-up- Scarpati's
Aug 20-27 Flaming Gorge- Caldwell's
Aug 20-21 Local Raft-up Glorietta Bay- Froehler's Sept 3-5 Labor Day Raft-up Glorietta Bay- Adam's Oct 8-9 Fall Raft-up Coronado Cays- Caldwell's

Impromptu Raft-ups

These will be located in San Diego Bay or Mission Bay. We call these impromptu because any member that wants to have some last minute fun can put up a post to initiate the event. For up-to-the-minute information check Venture Yacht Club of San Diego on Facebook. This is a closed group, so if you are a VYCSD member please request to join us on Facebook. We also use this Facebook group to post pictures and post questions and chat about the latest scuttlebutt.

VYC Race Days

Our races are held in south San Diego Bay (South of the Coronado Bridge). We usually launch from the Chula Vista "J" street launch ramp. Around 9:30AM we hold a skipper's meeting. Race courses and charts are passed out and questions answered. If you are interested and you want to ride along, we will try and find room on one of the boats. The first race usually starts at 12:00 noon. Don't forget to bring water and a lunch to eat out on the boat. Our goal is for you to improve your sailing skills, learn to handle your boat better and to have fun while doing it.

Contact Joe Dumbauld with any questions or to arrange a ride along.