AREA I - GROUND ½ min 1. Remove bolt that secures mast to bow pulpit

2. Prepare "Mast-Raising Line" at bow pulpit (Line remains attached, coiled and carried there)

AREA II - COCKPIT 1 ½ min 1. Attach Windex to top of mast

2. Remove line that secures mast and coiled backstay to mast crutch when trailering

3. Bring headsail and boom topside (Mainsail remains attached to boom)

4. Unsnap Preventer line (Preventer normally used to prevent accidental jibes. When trailering, it pulls the mast down tightly thus holding the center mast support in place without additional bolts)

AREA III - FOREDECK 8 min 1. Remove center mast support (Held in place by Preventer)

2. Remove f’wd shroud securing line (This line secures all shrouds fw’d when trailering)

3. Bring mast to tabernacle

4. Attach Gin Pole (Mast raising pole)

5. Raise mast (‘87 mast raising system doesn’t require winches - I can raise mast standing on bow)

6. Attach forestay (Forestay attachment made easy and tension adjustment unnecessary because mast

raising system provides forestay slack)

7. Secure mast-raising line (Line is coiled and secured to bow rail)

8. Attach headsail and headsail down haul

9. Secure gin pole (Gin pole stored on stb’d stanchions)

10. Bring halyards and sheets to cockpit (Downhaul, preventer, daggerboard lines remain there)

AREA IV - COCKPIT 2 ½ min 1. Attach backstay and topping lift (Backstay is disconnected to avoid tangling during set-up)

2. Attach boom to backstay

3. Attach boom and mainsail slugs to mast

4. Secure lines brought back to cockpit

AREA V - GROUND ½ min 1. Remove rudder taillight and rudder support line (Additional tail light necessary for legal lighting)

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