The M26 brochures state that one person can set up a basic boat in 10 to 15 minutes. Par is probably 10 minutes for most Mac/Venture boats (excluding roller-furling, etc). This time increases when unnecessary work is added, work is done incorrectly and with poor organization. The following Guidelines will help produce a simple, fast and organized set-up. It gets my boat ready in 13 minutes single-handed. I’ve made time-saving modifications such as eliminating wrenches, moving trailer lights, installing a roller in the mast crutch and more. Also added things that increases set-up time - mainsail slugs, headsail downhaul, cockpit rigged lines and mast raising system. The following will enable you to evaluate your present system and if you don’t like the results, it will help find problems and solutions to make your system better. This procedure can be applied to any trailerable sailboat.

Start by making a list of each and every job you do to get your boat and trailer ready for launching. The list is a real eye-opener. Having your set-up in writing makes it tangible and easier to evaluate, plan and adjust. List the jobs in the order you normally do them.

Next, assign each job on your list to one of the 5 work areas below. This will determine the correct job order and where each job is to be done. Doing work in the correct order and place will direct you to move only foreward throughout the 5 work areas. Forgeting things, backing up and returning to a previous work area should be eliminated. Design the set-up for single handing as work can be reassigned later.

1 - Ground

2 - Cockpit

3 - Foredeck

4 - Cockpit - mast up

5 - Ground - mast up

After the work is organized, eliminate unnecessary work and find the best way to do each remaining job. Challenge each job on your list by asking: "Is this job absolutely necessary?" If it isn’t necessary, eliminate it. If it didn’t come from the factory, it probably isn’t necessary. Shock cords, velcro, chains, straps, cables, lines, ropes, gadgets, extra knots, etc, etc, etc, are not standard nor necessary equipment. Their need and use is questionable and they add unnecessary time and work to the set-up.

If the job is "necessary", challenge it further by asking: "Is there a "better" way to do this job?" "Better" means faster, easier and/or safer. Just because a job has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the right way. Take a new look, be objective and KISS!

This procedure will enable you to examine and design your own system in the privacy of your home. If you use the best methods, do only necessary work and in the correct order, the result will be the best tailor-made set-up system you and your boat can have. The time invested in planning a good, fast and easy set-up will be repaid each time you go sailing.

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